Stop The Trans-Pacific-Partnership! (TPP)


It has come to my attention that a bill named ‪‎Trans-Pacific-Partnership (TPP) has been negotiated by the president of the United States (Obama) and other countries and is finalized. This TPP bill will be the end of life as we know as millions will continue to lose jobs, privacy will be dead, and the internet will be censored so much that I wouldn’t want to be on it anymore as there would be no freedom of speech. Corporations like Monsanto, Walmart, Amazon and more will control the government, as Wall street and banks are as well which will result in these corporations and banks being our government. People who love to cosplay for anime conventions, comic con, or in general can forget about it as they’ll be sued and arrested for copyright infringement as people who like to post on Youtube. We wouldn’t know what’s in the food we eat(stuff that will cause cancer), prices of medicine would skyrocket, and much much worse. Right now over 100 million are on food stamps, and over 100 million are not working in America alone. We have to take a stand and come together as a people and children of GOD to stop this monster before it’s too late. With GOD with us there is NOONE that can be against us. My mother told me to be a leader not a follower, and my aunt told me to follow my path as I am trying to do both but I need your help to stand with me. If this bill is passed that is it for America and other countries, so let’s stand together and win this fight before it’s too late! Support this petition and spread it to help this monstronsity:

Here a few more petitions as well:

Here’s more information about the TPP to get you up to speed:

We are in a battle of good and evil, especially since the government is for companies, banks, and special interests and not for we the people. So let us do good in the name of JESUS CHRIST and fight for what is right! and not let this Obamatrade pass, not let America become Obama’s America, and defeat this Obamanation at once before it’s too late!

P.S. people please please repent for your sins and ask God for forgiveness and turn to Jesus to be saved. Every day things are getting worse and worse, so please before it’s too late turn to the good lord. Stay safe, and God bless .

please spread the word and share this article


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