How The TPP Will Affect The Video Games Industry, Journalism, and More

next gen consoles

It has been revealed that the video games industry will be affected by the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, aka TPP. This agreement discusses copyright term limit extensions, trade secrets, a DRM circumvention ban (Remember when Microsoft tried this DRM policy with the Xbox One), and the possibility of criminal prosecution for large scale infringement. Related gaming companies that are pushing for this to happen are Disney, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Time Warner, and the MPAA. Even now there are video game companies such as Electronic Arts who require internet connection for their games (Need for Speed, Sims, The Crew, etc.), and purchasing some games online at some online stores (Playstation store, Nintendo eshop) in a digital format costs the same as the physical video game even without the box, disc, manual, etc.

The TPP will also have a dangerous affect on Journalism as internet service providers will be compelled to take down websites without any sort of court order, just like SOPA. It will also be illegal to jail-break or unlock your phone, and being anonymous online will end as every domain name will be forced to be associated with a real name as well as an address. There has already been a protest in Berlin two weeks ago as 250,000 Germans marched towards ending the TTIP. Petitions are going around as well to stop this bill. We must do absolutely everything that we can as gamers and citizens to stop this monster before it’s too late. Stay safe, and God bless. Image by Wikileaks:

wikileaks tpp journalism

Petitions to Stop TPP:


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