A New Playstation 4 Firmware Update is Now Available, Which Includes The Ability To Follow Users


A mandatory firmware update for the Playstation 4 system has been released today, and what’s included with the update is the ability to follow verified accounts. Developers, producers, community managers, pro gamers, and more can all be followed with the 3.10 update, and following an account will provide regular updates in a user’s friend list, profile, and “What’s New” section. In addition, new stickers have been added to messages, and highlights games such as Journey, The Last of Us, and more.

Here’s the official change list of the PlayStation 4 system software update version 3.10 :

Main features in version 3.10 update

  • You can now follow verified accounts of game studios and developers in Profile, What’s New, and (Friends). When you follow the accounts, you can keep track of their activities in What’s New.
  • New stickers have been added to (Messages).


Source: Playstation Twitter

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