Survey: Over 50% Of Japanese Gamers Prefer English Voices In Localized Western Games


Japanese publication Gamespark recently ran a suvey which asked Japanese gamers which language they prefer in localised western titles. Interestingly, those who were surveyed were split with just over 50 percent of them stating that they prefer to have English voices in localised games such as The Last of Us and Grand Theft Auto V. You can check out the final results of the survey, below.

Here are the results:

  • Japanese Voices – 49.51%
  • English Voices (Original) – 50.49%Reasons for choosing Japanese voices:
  • “Can’t concentrate on playing the game when you need to read the subtitles.”
  • “Easier to understand when it’s in Japanese voices.”Reasons for choosing English voices:
  • “It’s more fun to enjoy the game in original atmosphere.”
  • “It also helps my English study.”

Source: MyNintendoNews, GameSpark

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