My Video Discussing How The TPP Will Affect The Video Games Industry, Journalism, and More

Hey viewers! I’ve developed my own video discussing how the TPP will affect the video games industry, journalism, and more. Come and check it out below:

(Note: sorry about the background noise and low audio I’m working on fixing and reuploading the video, if you can’t hear me try putting on earphones it’ll be better.)

Also, it has just been revealed that the CISA bill, which you can read about here, has just been passed by the Senate last Thursday, and food rules for the TTIP have been secretly enforced in Europe, which you can read about it here.

I do not know how much time we have left to stop the TPP. So please, whatever window of opportunity that we have left at least sign these petitions and pass all of this information, petitions, articles, and video around as much as possible.

Please quickly sign these petitions:

Source: TheNewAmerican

Please spread the word and share this article. Stay safe, and God bless!


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