Confusion Over Common Core Standards, As “Technically Correct” Answers Are Marked Wrong


Primary school Common Core mathematics problems and solutions have gone viral.

A problem about estimation from a third-grade math test reads: “Carole read 28 pages of a book on Monday and 103 pages on Tuesday. Is 75 pages a reasonable answer for how many more pages Carole read on Tuesday than on Monday. Explain your answer.”

The student replied, “Yes, 75 is a reasonable answer because 103 – 28 = 75.”

Reportedly, the child received one point off, with the comment, “Estimate 100 – 30 = 70.”

Her mother posted a picture of her answer to Facebook. “In order for the answer to be REASONABLE, my daughter needs to estimate and come up with the WRONG answer?!?!”

“So we “estimate” instead of being “CORRECT,” a man asked. “Sounds to me like we’re LOWERING the bar!!”

On Reddit, a similar discussion developed over the repeated addition strategy. The question reads: “Use the repeated addition strategy to solve: 5 x 3.

The student wrote 15, and “5 + 5 + 5,” but the teacher wanted, “3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3.”

“If that’s true, I’d be having a talk with my kid’s teacher,” a user said.

Read on at Opposingviews for more.

Source: OpposingViews

Please spread the word and share this article. Stay safe, and God bless!

P.S. as I’ve stated before, No More Common Core!





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