SEGA is Considering To Re-release Shenmue and Shenmue II


It was a massive surprise at E3 this year with the unveiling of Shenmue III. Plenty of people quickly backed the project through Kickstarter, which in return made Shenmue III one of the most succesful games to receive a massive following as well as funds on the Kickstarter website. Since then, the developers have been continuing on working hard on the game until it’s completion. Now, it appears that SEGA is currently considering a few ways to re-release Shenmue and Shenmue II, in either physical, digital, upscaled, or ported formats. While there isn’t any confirmation that this will ever happen, SEGA Europe’s Marketing Director Jon Rooke has strongly hinted at possiblities in an interview with Marketing Week. Check out what he has to say below:

“Yes, we want to innovate and back smartphones and virtual reality but our key purpose is to go back to what the brand used to stand for and I think the buzz around Shenmue 3 shows that people love our legacy,” adds Rooke, who says Sega is exploring ways to re-release the original two Shenmue titles.”

Hopefully this is done soon as I’m sure many fans would love to be able to play both Shenmue games on their consoles and PC before the third release.

Source: Marketing Week

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