Here Are The Results Of North America’s And Japan’s Latest Splatoon Splatfest

The Splatoon Splatfest has ended once again for North America and Japan, with the results as well below:

North America – Pirates Beats Ninjas 382 to 318


Yes, it’s true that while the ninjas won the popularity contest of 72% as opposed to 28% for the pirates, unfortunately it meant nothing as the pirates were triumphant on the turf, winning 59% of the battles. Wins were then multiplied by six for the final score, giving pirates a decisive 382 — 318 victory over ninjas.

Now for Japan’s results shall we:

Japan – Love Beats Money 353 to 347


Of course love edges out of money for this one. While money took 53% of the popularity vote, players who voted for love won 51% of battles, taking home the overall win with a score of 353 — 347.

Sources: Tumblr, Reddit

So what did you vote for? Did your team win? Let me know in the comments below!

Please spread the word and share this article. Stay safe, and God bless!


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