Konami Confirms Shut Down Of Kojima Productions Los Angeles Studio


There were rumors floating around of the studio’s closure at first, but Konami has now confirmed that they have shut down Kojima Productions Los Angeles Studio.

The studio was recently renamed Konami Los Angeles Studios, and recently focused on the development and upkeep of the latest installment of Metal Gear Online. Konami has since provided a statement on the matter which you can read below:

“Konami has made the decision to close its Los Angeles Studio, effective immediately, due to the product development resources being restructured into a more centralized unit. This facility contributed to the recent Metal Gear Solid games. Konami will continue its operations to support all Metal Gear Solid titles, including the recently launched Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phanton Pain and Metal Gear Online. Metal Gear Online is still scheduled to release for PC Steam in January 2016.”

This has resulted in the loss of 35 jobs which appear to be no more as well.

It’s always sad and unfortunate to hear this kind of news, and my thoughts goes to the developers and those affected by this, and to their families. Layoffs during times like this are truly tragic, but God willing they’ll all find new places where to express their talent soon enough.

Source: Polygon

Please spread the word and share this article. Stay safe, and God bless!


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