The Nintendo Playstation Prototype Is Real, And It Actually Works


In the year of 1988, Sony formed a partnership with Nintendo to develop a CD-ROM add-on to the then upcoming SNES console. Unfortunately, Sony and Nintendo could not come to an agreement and parted ways. The infamous dispute eventually led to the birth of Sony’s PlayStation console. Just recently this year in 2015, a man named Dan Diebold was discovered to have an actual prototype of the Nintendo Playstation console,  though it wasn’t confirmed to work because he did not have a power cable to turn it on. Since then, things have changed and it is now official that the prototype is real and actually works.

Dan Diebold and his father Terry took the console to Honk Kong’s Retro.HK Expo to show the public that it was the real deal. When they got to Hong Kong, Dan and his father found a power supply that worked with the prototype and turned it on for the press. When Dan was asked why he didn’t turn it on with a power supply from around the house, he told Engadget that he was scared to.

“We were kinda afraid to. We didn’t want to be the guys that got a one-of-a-kind video game system and then fry it. We would be the most hated people on the planet.” — Dan Diebold

You can read the full interview with Dan and his father Terry by clicking here.

Take a look at the footage to see the prototype in action below:

You can also check out a few screenshots of the Nintendo Playstation prototype below:

Sources: Engadget via Gamnesia

What do you think of the Nintendo and Playstation hybrid console? Let me know in the comment section below!

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