Come And Check Out Cloud’s Super Smash Bros Trailer Along With A Batch Of Screenshots


(Note: Do you guys and gals remember this pic from IGN a few years ago? And yes, Nintendo DID make it HAPPEN!! Masahiro Sakurai OUTDID himself for this one, I still can’t believe it!! Give this man an award, somebody give this man an award please.)

Check out the trailer of Cloud Strife joining the series of Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS below:

Along, there’s a batch of screenshots of Cloud which you can view below as well:

I still can’t believe it. Cloud Strife is officially in Super Smash Bros!!! Wow, amazing, and Masahiro Sakurai seriously OUTDID himself for this one! Just incredible!!! Somebody give Mr. Sakurai an award for this, please he needs it after all of his hard work. Also, Nintendo please let this man take a break after this, he’s done too much, he’s needs lots and lots of rest and a vacation especially after this! My mind is still blown from Cloud’s entrance! Are you excited and hype as much I am for Cloud’s entrance in Smash Bros? Let me know in the comment section below!

Source: Nintendo Everything


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