A Guitar Hero Player Faced a YouTube Copyright Strike, So He Replaced the Music With His Own Voice To Work Around It


A YouTuber named GuitarHeroFailure had his video ( 100% Expert run of Ozzy Osbourne’s Bark to the Moon from 2009’s Guitar Hero: Smash Hits) taken down due to copyright claims, so he came up with another way which was clever and creative to get around YouTube’s harsh and restrictive policies.

Days after the video was taken down, he uploaded a new version of the same video with ‘fixed audio’ being that he removed the game’s original music, and just inserted a recording of himself singing the guitar line. The new and improved version of the video rose to viral status and receiving internet fame. You can watch the video below:

After uploading this video, GuitarHeroFailure was launched into popularity with thousands of new subscribers, and his video reached almost 2 million views in just a few days. He later released a video thanking fans for the huge appreciation and unexpected success; after all, before posting the video, he had 24 subscribers on his channel, and he currently has over 6,000. As a high schooler that rarely got more than a few dozen views on his uploads, he must have been very shocked to come home and see that his channel was trending on YouTube’s front page.

This is to me and should be to all out there to not stop putting in effort and continue to be motivated and have that drive and work hard for it. As for the YouTube, you never know if your video can make it big or viral one day, so don’t stop working hard and putting in that effort. And I’m saying this to myself as well to even keep me motivated to do this. And remember to always monetize your videos just in case one of them hits it big and you get alot of views, shares, likes, subscribes, and comments.

Source: Gamnesia

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