Hey everyone!! I know that this doesn’t mean anything to anyone, but I have officially created my 100th post as of today January, 29, 2016, yayyy me!! I first started this blog in October of 2015, just a few months ago, and now here I am today on January 29, 2016 with my 100th post!! I know it’s not 100 followers, views, shares, likes, comments, etc. but to me, actually doing this in the first place and arriving here is absolutely amazing!

And I’m not making any money from this at all, and to be honest (and I don’t want to be personal, but just to give you guys inspiration and motivation) the reason why I started this blog was because I wanted to have a job in marketing management and social media, and I was (and still am) having so much trouble actually finding a job within that field these days (as they say it’s a buyer’s market) and employers are choosing whoever they want to employ, so I just did it on my own and created my own blog and website. If employers can make their own website and marketing, then I know that I can do the same thing too and create my own thing, and I know that it will take time, but I’m willing to take that time and put in that effort to see where things will go. So now, I created my own blog, with marketing and social media without any employer. While I’m not receiving any money from this, I feel like not worrying about updating my resume continuously, or making cover letters, and getting recommendations, etc. so an employer might choose me or even respond to me feels great to be absolutely honest.

Absolutely I want to thank God, glorify, and bless him for giving me the strength and courage to do this, as well as post things about him, and God willing this will continue throughout the year. If God blessed me, then I want to bless God right back baby!! As well as be a blessing to others, and hopefully this can make people have faith in God, and inspire and motivate any and everyone to do the same thing, or whatever they feel like they want to do (that isn’t extreme or crazy like murder or something like that because I’m not telling you guys and gals to go out and do that though lol), not to be afraid, get out of your comfort zone, take that baby step, and just do it. If God didn’t give me the courage to take that step and chance, then there wouldn’t even be a post at all today. So here’s to God, and here’s to my 100th post ever, and here’s to all of you as well!! So stay safe everyone, and God bless!!

P.S. I know I’m real hype but I have to be, because I did it baby, my 100th post baby, yea baby, yea! Wooooo! 2016 let’s gooooooooooo!!!! and let’s get it!! And this video clip from the Pursuit of Happiness pretty much sums up how I feel right now:


2 thoughts on “MY 100TH POST!!

    1. Thanks Anna! I am inconsistent with my posts as well, but from time to time I do come back with different articles, ideas, etc. to post. But thank you very much Anna, and absolutely God bless!

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