Gang Kills Pastor For Preaching Repentance


Chukwu Ekere, a pastor based in Rivers state was killed for preaching repentance in the oil-rich state.

Here is the statement provided below of the gang’s confession as reported by PMNewsNigeria:
“The gang also confessed to have been responsible for the kidnapping Pastor Chukwu Ekere of same Ohigha community and killed him for the simple reason that the man of God disturbed them with his preaching of repentance and also for urging them to shun their nefarious activities and accept God.”

You can read more at PMNewsNigeria.

This is a truly tragic, horrific, and sad event. But, even though, people of God please do not be afraid to spread the word of God even in events or situations like this. May this pastor rest in peace, and these suspects receive justice in the name of God and of Jesus Christ.

You can also check out my video in which I discuss this topic below:

Please spread the word and share this article. Nevertheless, stay safe everyone, and God bless!

Sources: PMNewsNigeria; via CharismaNews


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