Pedophile Symbols Revealed!! A Warning To Be Aware Of These Symbols And Logos

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These are the symbols pedophiles use to signal their sordid sexual preferences. These symbols or logos feature butterflies, love hearts, and spirals. But to FBI agents, they symbolize something that is truly darker than what they appear to seem.


One of the symbols in which you can see above, a blue spiraling triangle framed by another triangle, is known as the BoyLover logo. It is used by pedophiles who prefer young boys.


Another symbol in which you can see above is for pedophiles who prefer much younger boys. This symbol, known as the LittleBoyLover logo, is also a blue triangle spiral, but drawn in a child-like scrawl.


This symbol above, the so-called GirlLover logo is a heart inside a heart, indicated that the male or female pedophile prefers young girls.


For this symbol above, pedophiles who do not have a preference of gender use the ChildLover logo, which is a butterfly made up of love hearts.

Finally, for this symbol above, there is the Childlove Online Media Activism logo, which pedophiles use as a symbol to promote their ’cause’: that sexual relationships between adults and minors should be decriminalized.

The symbol – a triangle, a love heart and a circle merged into one – has been circulating social media, blogs and webcasts for years. It has even appeared on some children’s toys.

Investigators with the FBI’s Cyber Division Innocent Images National Initiative first discovered the code in 2007.

Compiling them into a PDF document, the agents sent them to law enforcement agencies around the country.

The document has since emerged publicly after it was published on WikiLeaks.

It includes pictures of the symbols etched into rings, formed into pendants, and imprinted on coins.

‘Pedophilia symbols on jewelry, coins, Web sites and other effects are indicative of advertisement methods used by child sexual predators to promote their cause,’ the document reads.

Read on at DailyMail for more.

You can check out my video below, and if you see these types of pedophile symbols anywhere, please report them as soon as possible.

Source: DailyMail

Please spread the word and share this article. Nevertheless, stay safe everyone, and God bless!


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