Woman Rants At Man In Walmart For Using Food Stamps


A woman has been shamed after being caught on camera launching into an expletive-laden rant at a man for using food stamps in a Walmart.

As reported by DailyMail:

According to the video’s poster on YouTube, the woman spotted the man in front of her paying with a food stamps card.

She then told her young son: ‘See, this is why you go to college, so you don’t take handouts.’

This sparked an argument, with the man saying: ‘You know, I put in 50-60 hour weeks trying to provide for my family’ as his young son sat in a grocery cart next to him.

The uploader of the video pointed out that the man was using a ‘W.I.C.’ or ‘Women, Infants, and Children’ card to buy products for his son in the store, somewhere in the US.

‘You’re not providing for it, I am!’ the woman retorted. ‘The government is.’

‘You’re not,’ he said.

‘They take it out of my check,’ she insisted. ‘Bulls*** they don’t.’

When the man tells her to complain to her local Senator or to vote Republican, she replies,’Oh, trust me, I am not a bleeding heart f**king liberal. That ain’t gonna happen.’

The man finally turns away from her, shoves his hands in his pockets, and says: ‘I don’t care about you lady, shut the f*** up.

‘I don’t have to, it’s a free country, remember?’ she retorts. Then she tells him he must be a Bernie Sanders supporter. ‘That’s who you vote for. They give it to you, so you vote that way.’

When the man says something unintelligible, and even starts to laugh a little, she says, ‘I have a degree. I am pretty damn smart.’

They exchange more words and then the man says, ‘Mind your own business. Vote Republican and get ’em out of there. Until then, deal with it, b*tch.’

When the man says, ‘I don’t make the rules, lady,’ she replies, ‘No, you just take advantage of them like everyone else.’

‘Why wouldn’t I?’ he asks, getting out his wallet.

The video has been viewed almost three million times since it was uploaded on April 24. It’s unclear which city the heated exchange took place in.

A 2014 report found that Walmart, where the video subjects were shopping, costs taxpayers $6.2billion a year in food stamps, subsidized housing, Medicaid, and other forms of public assistance because of the low wages it pays its employees, according to the group Americans for Tax Fairness.

 ‘A single Walmart Supercenter cost taxpayers between $904,542 and $1.75 million per year, or between $3,015 and $5,815 on average for each of 300 workers,’ said the report, entitled ‘How Americans Subsidize America’s Biggest Employer and Richest Family.’

The report found that Walmart also collected almost 18 percent of the food stamp market in 2013.

You watch my video on this topic below:

You can watch the actual video below:

Source: DailyMail

Please spread the word and share this article. Nevertheless, stay safe everyone, and God bless!


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