Splatoon Splatfest #14 Announced And It’s Worldwide! Taking Place Next Weekend! Fancy Party vs Costume Party!


Hey everyone, this is Taisen! And I just wanted to let you all know that Splatoon’s 14th Splatfest will be taking place next weekend in all regions. As a collaboration with Miitomo, the theme asks players if they’d rather attend a fancy party or a costume party. This is the first Splatfest to be held simultaneously worldwide.

The latest Splatfest will begin at the following times:

– 8 PM PT (May 13)
– 11 PM ET (May 13)
– 4 AM in the UK (May 14)
– 5 AM in Europe (May 14)

And it will conclude at the following times:

– 3 AM PT (May 15)
– 6 AM ET (May 15)
– 11 AM in the UK (May 15)
– 12 AM in Europe (May 15)

So, would you guys and gals rather attend a fancy party, or a costume? And are you ready to have a blast and get inked next weekend? I sure hope so! You can leave a comment below to let me know what you will decide.

You can watch my video on this topic below:

Sources: Splatoon Tumblr via NintendoEverything

Please spread the word and share this article. Nevertheless, stay safe everyone, and God bless!


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