Fort McMurray Man Saves Puppy From Burning Home After Family Posted Facebook Plea


A Fort McMurray woman’s plea for her dog to be rescued from her home threatened by wildfire has been answered by a heroic local – who found the animal inside while firefighters fought off flames.

As reported by DailyMail:

As the wildfires continued to rage across Abasand, Fort McMurray, Stephanie Greene and her family had to evacuate without their pet puppy Max.

In desperation, all she could do was implore anyone still there to check their home for the lost family member.

On May 3 she wrote on Facebook she was on her way to Calgary and safe, but she was ‘devastated that we lost our dog Max’.

‘Lost ALL of our belongings, our home, my truck, and our dog. Our family is separated but we’re safe.’

Two days later she offered directions to their home, adding: ‘Does anyone know if this one is still standing, my dog is in here. If it is and if he is saved [$]1000 reward.’

Remarkably, Marty Frost, who remained in the area due to his background in firefighting, saw the post and decided to investigate, CBC News reported.

He told the broadcaster he had difficulty searching for ‘Abasand Max’ which he named after the city neighbourhood in which the Greene’s lived.

A few days later, he heard the properties were caught on fire so he raced to the scene in the nick of time – he rescued both Max and the Greene’s pet rabbit.

Ms Greene said her daughter was elated to be reunited with her puppy – who needed only some water, food and a bath.

She posted on Facebook she was ‘over the moon’ when she received a phone call from Mr Frost, who had found her number on Max’s collar.

She wrote: ‘They got Max and yes it’s him this time! He is wearing his tags and they also found the “rabbit looking thing” (Sadie) our rabbit! Such a flood of emotion! Thank you Marty Frost!

‘He needs a bath and smells like smoke but he’s with us now.’

She later told CBC: ‘I don’t care about the house. We got exactly what we wanted. To me, he’s a real hero.’

Read more at DailyMail.

Thank the Lord that Stephanie and her family are alive and safe, and even they lost their belongings (home, truck, etc.), they are alive, safe, and were able to be reunited with their dog Max, and their pet rabbit as well.

You can watch my video on this topic below:

Sources: DailyMail; CBC

Please spread the word and share this article. Nevertheless, stay safe everyone, and God bless!


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