New Translation Of The Bible Is Made With EMOJIS For MILLENIALS (This Has GOT To Be A JOKE!!)


An adaptation of the King James Version Bible featuring emojis is scheduled to be made available on iBooks Sunday.

As reported by DailyMail:

The book is called Bible Emoji: scripture 4 millennials. Its book cover features several emojis, two of which have halos.

The book’s online description says: ‘A great and fun way to share the gospel. Explore all 66 books chronicling the the stories of Abraham, Noah and Jesus like never before!’

The Bible’s translator told The Memo in an interview: ‘You start with emojis that are really common — for instance, the earth emoji can mean earth, world, or planet.

‘Eventually I created an actual translator program with a list of 80 different emoji icons, and 200 corresponding words.

‘In addition: I built in some common shorthand — so that “and” became &, and “first” became 1st.’

The translator revealed to the website: ‘I’ve received a lot of tweets, some very nice some very, not nice.

‘But it’s all worth the goal of making the Bible a little more approachable, to inject some levity, and to get people to look at it, with no particular agenda beyond that.’

The translator told The Memo: ‘Emojis are emotional, and allow people to express feelings in a visual way within the structure of “normal”, written language.”

‘What’s made them so successful, is that they’re language-agnostic — they allow you to convey an idea to anyone, regardless of what language they speak.’

The project was completed in approximately six months, the translator told The Huffington Post.

The person requested not to be IDed by the website, citing online comments made by atheists and Christians that were sparked by the project.

Users can themselves translate phrases from the religious book on the website

The site says: ‘enter ur fave Bible verse on the left’ and that ’emoji awesomeness appears on the right.’

You can check out images of these scriptures which includes emojis below, as well as the bibleemoji website:

You can also watch my video on this topic below:

In my honest opinion, guys and gals, I feel that this has got to be a joke. This has got to be a freaking joke. If millennials cannot read the bible alone, and need emojis to read it, then I absolutely have no words to say.

But, if this will make millenials start reading the bible, and make it more interesting and fun, then I guess it’s ok. I don’t know, I just don’t know anymore. But what do you guys and gals think?

Sources: DailyMail; iTunes; TheMemo; HuffingtonPost; BibleEmoji

Please spread the word and share this article. Nevertheless, stay safe everyone, and God bless!


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