New Cincinnati Zoo Video Shows Harambe The Gorilla Holding Hands With Boy Who Fell Into Enclosure

cincinatti zoo gorilla thumbnail 1

New video footage of Harambe the gorilla suggests he was trying to protect a four-year-old boy who fell into the zoo enclosure just minutes before the 400-pound animal was fatally shot.

As reported by DailyMail:

The clip shows Harambe standing guard over the boy in the corner of the moat, and the two even share a brief moment holding hands.



These are images of Harambe The Gorilla seen holding hands and protecting the child.

Witnesses said the gorilla was acting protectively in the tense situation, which may have been aggravated by panicked onlookers who screamed as they watched from above.

Cincinnati Zoo Director Thane Maynard confirmed the boy was not under attack, but called it a ‘life threatening situation’ where the gorilla was ‘agitated’ and ‘disoriented’.

During a press conference on Monday afternoon, Maynard supported the animal response team’s decision to kill Harambe, and said: ‘Looking back we would make the same decision.’

He also insisted the zoo’s barriers were secure, saying: ‘We all need to work to make sure our families are safe. Do you know any four-year-olds? They can climb over anything.’

The incident, which was captured on a cell phone camera, has sparked an outcry of emotion, with thousands of mourners branding it a ‘senseless death’.


cincinatti zoo gorilla dragging pic

These are images of Harambe The Gorilla picking the boy up so he can stand, then dragging him through the water as he tends to move and hide himself and the child from panicked onlookers.

Read more at DailyMail.

You can click on this link below to watch the full video:

You can also my watch my video on this topic below:

In my honest opinion, this woman did not keep a tight watch on her child, and because she didn’t, all of this occurred. Yes, thank God that the child is safe, and it is also unfortunate that Harambe the Gorilla had to be killed, and this situation had to occur. Also, a zoo is a prison cell for animals, and they have to deal with a lot by staff members and the director behind the scenes which we might not know about that makes them agitated and disoriented at face value. But what do you guys and gals think?

Source: DailyMail

Please spread the word and share this article. Nevertheless, stay safe everyone, and God bless!


One thought on “New Cincinnati Zoo Video Shows Harambe The Gorilla Holding Hands With Boy Who Fell Into Enclosure

  1. Harambe may have dragged the boy but the people who shot Harambe must feel ashamed of them selves because the gorilla did nothing wrong.


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