An incident happened last Saturday night (June 4, 2016) where my family, I and passengers on this bus were almost killed. And because of God’s grace (THANK YOU JESUS!!) we are still alive today. The name of the bus company is Focus Travel Agency, and they are the absolute worst bus company that they can be!! We were in Philadelphia, and took the Focus Travel Agency bus to go back to New York City. First off, the bus was supposed to come at 10 PM, but it came around 10:15 PM, and didn’t leave to go to NYC until 10:40 PM. Second, the bus driver did not know where he was going, got lost and almost hit walls and posts a few times. It was to the point where passengers were yelling at him to stop and get us all out of the bus because he almost hit a rail, and we could’ve tipped over and been killed that same night.

The police were called, they arrested the bus driver, and this was also the bus driver’s FIRST TIME DRIVING A BUS!!  Also, we were driven by the police to a location so we could take a SEPTA city shuttle bus (this means that we were still in Philly this whole time, and it was anywhere between 1 to 2 AM) to a train station to go to NYC. The problem was that the SEPTA city bus brought us to the wrong train station, and the driver refused to bring us to the right one because he didn’t want to be held responsible for us, and I quote what this driver said as well, ‘I’m not losing my job for any of you’. Then after a few minutes the SEPTA bus driver left, and SEPTA themselves (not the bus driver, but the company) said that they were not going to bring another bus to bring us to the right station because the police that talked to them gave them different stories, and they just weren’t sure of the situation. So the SEPTA bus driver left, and we were left stranded at the wrong station.

The police for the location where we were at the wrong train station came (I’m not sure who called them), and they called a Marriott Hotel that was near, and the Marriott Hotel sent a shuttle bus to bring us to the right train station, and the shuttle bus driver did just that, so thank you guys so freaking much for that! We were able to take the New Jersey Transit Train at 4:57 AM to New York City.

I would like to say that when it comes to the police and everything that is going on right now with the violence, racism, shootings, killings, harassment, etc. between the police and citizens, this showed that not all of them are bad, as these cops really really reallllly came to our aid and truly helped us in our time of need. So I most definitely want to say thank you to those cops for that.

Also, passengers plan to sue Focus Travel Agency for all of it’s worth, and shut this disgrace of a bus company down!! We plan to sue SEPTA as well for leaving us stranded by the wrong station, and having no plans to send in another bus to bring us to the right train station. Just like the MTA in New York City, SEPTA is just as bad, and is a trash public transportation authority as well.

Last Saturday night (June 4, 2016) could’ve been my family and I, along with the other passengers last night on earth. But, by the grace of God and of Jesus Christ, we are still alive today. So without a doubt I want to say thank you God, and thank you Jesus! As for Focus Travel Agency, there won’t be a next time because we plan to sue you and shut you down, and for SEPTA, we may not be able to shut you down, but we can most definitely sue, and we will. Trust, and believe that!!! And I know I may sound aggressive, but a lot of things happened and I’m just venting out my feelings you know.

In conclusion, I warn and I do not recommend using the Focus Travel Bus Agency for going to Philadelphia, New York City, Baltimore, Washington D.C. anywhere, nor at all as a matter of fact. While the prices are cheap as opposed to Greyhound and other bus companies, that night that focus travel bus with it’s cheap price could’ve ended our lives, and the same can happen to you with this bus company. So be aware, be safe, and stay away from this bus company.

P.S. Someone did a review on Yelp about the same incident that happened on Saturday night, which you can read below, with an image of how close the bus was to a rail that would’ve killed us if it continued and the passengers didn’t tell the driver to stop.

55 N 11th St
Philadelphia, PA 19145


1 out of 5 stars

WARNING!!!!! DO NOT USE THIS BUS COMPANY!!! NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE!!! Last night I was going home from Philly to NYC and I kid you not, the driver of the bus almost killed everyone on the bus with his erratic driving, and probable drugged up status. He drove so crazily that three times he nearly drove into a wall or post, and the last time, everyone thought we would die because the bus nearly tipped over!!! All the passengers forced the driver to stop, we all got off the bus at the side of the highway and called the police. It turns out this was the driver’s FIRST time driving a bus and he was obviously taken by the police for suspicion of DUI. Everyone on the bus was stranded, the cops took some people to the nearest train station, mind you this was already 1 am! I luckily had someone to call to come pick me up and take me back to Philly where I am now wasting my time and trying to figure out how to get home after almost being in a major accident last night and getting scared to death! How can a bus company accept such drivers for their bused is beyond me. I TRULY DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS BUS COMPANY, IT’S NOT SAFE!!!!!

Yardley PA Bus

This is how close we got to almost crashing for the fourth time on the Focus Travel bus from Philly to NYC. Cops already there helping us.




    Friday, august 12 2016, I booked a ticket for 3:00 pm to Washington DC and it came at 5:30 pm, their workers are such a liers always with lame excuses.
    I used this bus company a few times and was never on time.
    I remember like 5 months ago, the driver gave us 10 minutes break at Delaware food court and i didn’t want to leave the bus because i was a little sick and it was cold outside, so driver force me to get off the bus because that was the rules so i did and i get worse.
    Also one time i remember the driver was talking on the cell and texting for a long time, and he wasn’t paying attention the freeway.
    Don’t use this company for your own sake !

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