Fan Made Mega Man Game Called “Mega Man 2.5D” Launches For Free, Checkout The Trailer


Mega Man 2.5D, a fan made project, has been released after eight years. According to the about page within the project’s website, Mega Man 2.5D began in 2009 as an animated proof of concept. Due to the surprising amount of positive responses, the animated proof of concept turned into a full-blown playable game by a small team of obsessive Mega Man fans.

Also, there are mainly two things that set Mega Man 2.5D apart from most other Mega Man games. As stated:

The first is the co-op mode, where two players team up to take on Dr. Wily. The other is the use of camera perspective changes which is featured a lot in the single-player mode of the game.

You can checkout the Mega Man 2.5D release trailer below:

And you can download the full game from Peter Sjöstrand’s website.

Source: Petersjostrand

Please spread the word and share this article. Nevertheless, stay safe everyone, and God bless!


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