Amazon Prime Shipping Carrier Exposed For ‘Attempted Delivery’

Hey everyone! I hope that your Monday has been a beautiful day so far! I know that I haven’t posted anything in a while, and hopefully I will be able to do so once again. With this post, I would like to discuss Amazon Prime and their shipping carriers and the issue that I’ve had for an ‘attempted delivery’.

To start things off, I had a delivery from Amazon Prime that was supposed to come last Sunday at 8pm. It didn’t. Not only that, but, looking at the tracking status, it stated that the delivery was attempted. This is a lie. The Monday morning after, around 10:00 a.m., a small van with the name Kearney, New Jersey arrived with the delivery, and when asked what happened to the delivery last night and why it never came, the delivery guy stated that it did come but no one was here to get it. Lying again…..

These are the lies that gets these shipping carriers (Kearney, New Jersey, UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc.) and workers in trouble as I was here all day and night yesterday. I’ve been researching this attempted delivery issue and found many people who have had the same problem as I’ve had. Here are a few links below:

USPS Lying To Amazon About Delivery Attempts

Delivery Attempted?

And screenshots from these links:

Note: if you are having difficulty looking at the screenshots, you may click the links above instead.

Amazon forum screenshot above.

Reddit screenshot above.

Not only that, this attempted delivery issue is so bad that UPS was sued by the federal government and had to pay more than $25 million dollars for false claims that were in connection with delivery of Next Day Air overnight packages, as stated by the Department of Justice. The officials of the government charged that UPS knowingly recorded delivery times that were not accurate to make it seem as though the shipments had been delivered on time. In addition, UPS used ‘exception codes’ to excuse late delivery, such as “security delay,” “customer not in” or “business closed,” government officials charged. One other thing to note is that UPS also provided inaccurate “on-time” performance data to the federal government under the company’s delivery contracts, federal officials alleged.

This is the problem with these types of shipping carriers and their workers. They create and use these ‘exception codes’ to lie to customers about their delivery being sent to them and stating that they weren’t there to receive it for these false reasons. Amazon is not excused from this as they are apart of the problem as well. Amazon knows full well about this issue as it has been going on for years, and has done nothing to solve this problem. This false “attempted delivery” nonsense claim  does not only put the customer at fault and blame, it shows that these workers that put this false claim do not want to do their job that they were hired for. Or, they go along with this lie because it is ‘company policy or procedure’, or they want to avoid being fired or any other issue they might face if they don’t do this.

Or,they do this because they want to do this, and they just don’t care. Whatever the case is, it is not only lies, this is fraud, a scam, criminal behavior, messed up, disgusting, and flat out wrong. Also, I am not sure if this illegal, but I am sure that this is illegal if you know what I mean.

And I do know that there are some ‘attempted deliveries’ that are true and the worker actually did come by and attempted to deliver the package and no one was there or took too long to come to the door and receive the package so the worker left. I am not talking about these workers. As it is in my case, this ‘attempted delivery’ was false, and no delivery was made on Sunday night at all whatsoever.  And, when asking the delivery guy the next morning what happened to the delivery, and he stated that it DID come and NO ONE came to pick it up, this is who I am talking about. There’s a BIG problem with this false accusation and lies going back to back (Sunday to Monday, respectively)…

So, to the shipping carrier and delivery guy, if you’re not able to show up at the time that you are supposed to show up, just be honest and say that you’re not able to. Do not only lie but also put the blame on the customers like me who were home and were waiting all day and night for you to come. Because,  not only did you not come , but we (I) know for a fact that you didn’t come as we (I) are (am) tracking your LIES.

And to Amazon, you know that this is an issue that many people are having and have done nothing about it, you’re just as bad as these shipping carriers/workers. Do something about it, because not only do I not liked being lied to, I do not like taking the blame and being at fault for something that is not my fault, and for something that I shouldn’t be blamed for.

As for the Amazon Prime service, it has been okay so far. This ‘attempted delivery’ false claim has been one of the issues I’ve faced along with the item of the ‘attempted delivery’ taking more than two days to be delivered as it came within six days I believe. Although, I suppose that this IS ANOTHER LIE from Amazon as they promote Amazon Prime with FREE Two-Day Shipping on over 50 million items. But, my item was shipped within SIX DAYS, Amazon, SIX DAYS. AMAZON PRIME EXPOSED. But, anyways…

I’ve also read an article, and saw a video which discussed how some of these delivery workers for certain shipping carriers (Amazon and USPS so far) stole packages and items of customers. So, if anyone else is having or have had this problem (attempted delivery, stealing packages, etc.), this is what you should do. Let Amazon and the shipping carrier know what’s going on, and report them ASAP! And most certainly, be careful.

Sources: Amazon; Reddit; USAToday; ABC7News; Youtube

Please spread the word and share this post. Nevertheless, stay safe everyone!

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